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About FjordEng

The name FjordEng is a tribute to the Danish nature, in particular our home region Vejle with the fantastic Vejle Fjord and the beautiful meadows around it.

We came into existence in 2006 as SAMA nature with the products blue cream and blue shampoo , which now have numbers 01 and 02 respectively.

Then as now we are inspired by nature and its possibilities. We want to create products that can bring both outer beauty and inner well-being with respect and love for our surroundings

The ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite is our inspiration. She was the goddess of love and beauty. At FjordEng, we see a two-sided meaning of both words, which we also believe go hand in hand. Love is mind/soul and beauty is body/the physical.

Well-being has many facets. For us, the experience of our products must be well-being in itself. Here we are not just talking about the subsequent effect of the products, but the immediate experience of applying the product to the skin. We therefore work both with consistency and scents to create just the right experience.

Our unique scents are therefore carefully developed to create a wonderful experience right from the moment the jar is opened.

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